Video Games and the Flipped Classroom

When I was in the 7th grade, I did a history fair project with some friends about the Bubonic Plague. We spent hours at the downtown library researching. Piles of books were on the table and I was totally fascinated. My dad even took us camping once the research was done so that we could […]


A Case for Game-Based Learning

Professionally, I haven’t used a single bit of knowledge I learned in college. But, I did build a highly successful career on one thing I realized on my own during those days… My dream as a child was to be a radiologist. Practical person that I am, I rationalized it was the perfect marriage between […]

Istet… That’s a Funny Name.

What’s in a name? Is it meant to represent you? Is is support to provoke thought? Is it intended to get a laugh? Or, is it just an identifier so you’ll know when someone wants your attention? For me, it can and should be all of the above and therefore memorable. Istet Games started with […]

The Birth of a CEO

Howdy all! I can’t believe its been 5 years since I’ve posted anything, but I knew one day I’d have something to truly blog about. Today, I believe that day has finally come. I’ve embarked on a journey worth journaling. I’ve felt for years the calling towards entrepreneurship, but it was just too comfortable pulling […]

Custom DataGrid Sort To Force Nulls To The Bottom

A requirement came up recently requiring that my DataGrid column sort alpha-numerically, but with all the nulls pushed to the bottom. Providing a custom sort without considering the column’s sortDescending attribute worked with descending, but not ascending sorts. The values would be at the bottom for descending with all the nulls at the top. To […]

The ‘with’ Operator

I have yet to personally see this implemented in code, so in hopes of remembering it or somehow promoting it’s popularity… I present ActionScript’s ‘with’ operator. with (object:Object) { // statement(s) } Establishes a default object to be used for the execution of a statement or statements, potentially reducing the amount of code that needs […]

Straight Left Quotation Mark

Thank you ActionScript! All these years of using a keyboard and today I’ve found the answer to a question you never asked. Please, do tell… Q: What is that thing sharing a key with the tilde? A: A “straight left quotation mark”. And your follow up question, naturally… Q: What the hell is it used […]

Modules and Singleton Manager

This isn’t out there enough, so I’m writing it down. Any singleton based manager, such as PopUpManager or DragManager must be initialized in the parent application before use in the module. This is so that the parent application becomes the first to register the manager as a singleton (first in wins) permitting, therefore, the manager […]

Flex Associative Arrays

Never put much thought into it, but it strikes me tonight that OO writers like to use concrete objects. Argue if you will that they’re more maintainable, or the debugger is easier using them, but sometimes they’re just boiler plate if you don’t need a fully developed object. I mention all this because I’m looking […]

Rotating Flex Text

Rotating text in Flex is simple enough, but it frustratingly took me a sufficient amount of digging to find the solution. Thus, a quick note on the topic. Doing this effectively breaks each character into a row and rotates it. The consequence is lineHeight becomes your new kerning. Not a biggie, but you’ll have to […]