Flex Associative Arrays

Never put much thought into it, but it strikes me tonight that OO writers like to use concrete objects. Argue if you will that they’re more maintainable, or the debugger is easier using them, but sometimes they’re just boiler plate if you don’t need a fully developed object.

I mention all this because I’m looking over the LCDS documentation on Publisher objects and they reference that associative arrays are used for AsyncMessage.headers parameters. No sense throwing a Dictionary object or an array of dynamic objects with key and value fully labeled in there to overkill the array. Rather, keep it simple.

var message:AsyncMessage = new AsyncMessage();
                message.headers = new Array();
                message.headers["prop1"] = 5;
                message.body = input.text;

Short. Sweet. To the point. Value doesn’t need to be labeled ‘value’. Brings me back to the Java days. I like it.


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