Video Games and the Flipped Classroom

When I was in the 7th grade, I did a history fair project with some friends about the Bubonic Plague. We spent hours at the downtown library researching. Piles of books were on the table and I was totally fascinated. My dad even took us camping once the research was done so that we could […]

A Case for Game-Based Learning

Professionally, I haven’t used a single bit of knowledge I learned in college. But, I did build a highly successful career on one thing I realized on my own during those days… My dream as a child was to be a radiologist. Practical person that I am, I rationalized it was the perfect marriage between […]

Istet… That’s a Funny Name.

What’s in a name? Is it meant to represent you? Is is support to provoke thought? Is it intended to get a laugh? Or, is it just an identifier so you’ll know when someone wants your attention? For me, it can and should be all of the above and therefore memorable. Istet Games started with […]

The Birth of a CEO

Howdy all! I can’t believe its been 5 years since I’ve posted anything, but I knew one day I’d have something to truly blog about. Today, I believe that day has finally come. I’ve embarked on a journey worth journaling. I’ve felt for years the calling towards entrepreneurship, but it was just too comfortable pulling […]

About Face

A career shift has shoved me down a road I surely thought I would never undertake… Microsoft. Nevertheless, here I sit a couple months down the road coding C#, writing web services for IIS, and implementing SSIS. Its a huge learning curve so as I come across the idiosyncrasies of the .NET world, I’ll post […]

Taking the plunge

I’ve been wanting to create this blog for years and am finally taking the plunge.  I run into my fair share of issues while coding. As I do, I’ll be putting my issues here with their solutions. I hope the information is of some use to you. I’ve taken so much from the blogosphere, it’s […]